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One of the most noteworthy cases in this regard is which deals with the billing insurance companies and organizing patient health information (U. Under § 101, the Board determined that claim 1 is The Board also incorporated the examiner’s analysis for rejecting all pending claims for obviousness under § 103(a).Lastly, under § 112, second paragraph, the Board agreed with the examiner that (1) the limitation “the patient appointment request” in claims 51 and 52 is indefinite for lack of antecedent basis, and (2) the limitation “feedback” in claims 69 and 70 is indefinite because it fails to define the scope of the claim with reasonable certainty.Building upon these reference sheets – to save you the hassle of reading each case individually on separate websites across the web – we have collated all the important details related to those cases in this single piece.You can either choose to read the cases in sequence(makes sense approach!How do you tell apart an abstract idea from another?

Representative claim 1 recites storing, communicating, transferring, and reporting patient health information in a network.

the rules for conducting a wagering game were tested for patentability. This transaction is “an abstract idea beyond the scope of § 101.”.

In this case, the patent was filed for a wagering game utilizing real or virtual but otherwise standard playing cards and the claims recited shuffling and dealing the cards in accordance with unconventional rules defining a new game (U. It was in this case that the patents (US Patents 5970479, 6912510, 7149720, and 7725375) disclosed a computer-implemented scheme for mitigating ‘settlement risk’, which in other words is the risk of payment only to one party of the financial transaction, by using a third-party intermediary. 7707505) the patent for invention directed to a web browser that retains what a user has typed into a web-based form, even if that information has not yet been submitted and if the user navigates away from and back to the web-based form, the stored state is usable in the form so that the user does not have to retype the information. 6892812) based on the abstract idea of storing, gathering, and analyzing data was held invalid even though the patent was directed to various processes for determining the state of an oil well drill. 81273155) for security systems for use with computer networks that provide a secure transaction system adapted for use with untrusted networks or resources, such as the Internet were examined and held to be invalid as the claims are directed to the abstract idea of ““include inventive concepts to ensure that [the] patents in practice are more than just patents on restricting access to resources” because they “modify the way the Internet functions to provide secure access over a protected computer resource., the Arrhenius equation was examined.

US Patents 63855816 titled “Method and Computer Network for Co-Ordinating a Loan over the Internet” were analyzed for the patentable subject matter.

In this matter, Lending Tree filed suit against Zillow and other defendants (Adchemy, Inc. § 101 on the grounds of an abstract idea of merely a loan-application clearinghouse (coordinating loans) which is a “fundamental economic practice”.

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Note: The term “fundamental” implies basic, and not old or well‐known. Users could also access the network to schedule appointments, fill out forms, watch educational video clips, create electronic superbills, submit insurance claims, bill patients, communicate with doctors and patients, transfer patient health records, conference by video, advertise to patients, sell healthcare products, and rate healthcare providers.

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