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You should protect against misuse of ssh by creating a special key (and possibly also a special user). option require that rrdtool version 1.0.39 or above is installed. Also, restart munin-node if you haven't done so since removing the plugin. Just after the hardening tools you might have environment var issues, such as How To Write Plugins for a tutorial on writing plugins.On the node, put something like this in ~user/.ssh/authorized_keys: if_eth0.graph no my_ifeth0.graph_args --base 1000 --lower-limit 0 my_ifeth0.graph_title Traffic on interface eth0 my_ifeth0.graph_order received=example:if_eth0sent=example:if_eth0my_ifeth0.graph_vlabel Bits per second my_ifeth0.received,8,* my_ifeth0.AREA my_ifeth0cdef sent,8,* my_ifeth0draw LINE1 Answer supplied by Jacques Caruso. Yes, you can create a file in the plugin configuration directory (client-conf.d).The file should contain the username and group to run the plugin as.E.g., on linux, the exim_mailqueue-plugin need access to the exim mail spool (to count the messages in the queue).

Argh, my beloved linux IPv6 firewall was suffering, too many connections, munin graphs not updating; this needed looking at...Because of this, on most systems you have to use this command to su to the munin account: files so that the munin user can write to them again.In munin 1.2.6 and 1.3.4 there will be a "check-munin" command that checks for correct owner of some files and directories.It needs Munin runs at an interval of every five minutes (*/5) on debian systems by default.Is it possible to change this interval to an arbitrary value? However, this won't change Munin's (or rather RRD's) granularity; all RRD files are constructed to create 5 minutes averages, and no matter how often you update the RRD files the output won't be (much) different.

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