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For more from the doctors, visit their website at like them on Facebook Urban Housecall Magazine, and follow them on Twitter @urbanhousecall!We’re sending a big congratulations to singer, Musiq Soulchild, and his gorgeous Instagram model ex-girlfriend, Ashley Wright. Not exactly sure where Musiq Soulchild and Ashley stand with their relationship, but it seems they will be co-parenting their baby.Best known as the lead vocalist of the popular ‘90s trio 702, Meelah Williams has been working hard to revitalize her career and is looking forward to the April 23rd premiere of her new platform, R&B Divas Atlanta on TV One at 10/9c.As mom to Zac, a 5-year old son she shares with Musiq Soulchild, she is also on a mission to bring awareness to autism and developmental delays.Just recently, Wright posted to Instagram that she was in a committed relationship with Musiq and that he was her Man Crush Monday.So it was a huge surprise that shortly after praising Musiq on Instagram, it appears that the two are no longer together.She explained the joy and pain that has transpired with herself and Musiq. In April 2017, Ashley and Musiq started off in happy new couple bliss. I sat up, closed my eyes and took deep breaths…slow your breathing Ash — In that meditation, I begin to acknowledge and accept a few things. — You see long are the days in which, holidays and their meanings have impacted me. — I pictured holding hands, and belly rubs, me planning a cute meal of sorts (he isn’t the celebration type) and laughs at Shannon’s joyful, playful ways.— Yet here I am, at my parent’s house, in a bed that gives me lower back pain, consistently shifting my mind as I courageously take on emotions and feelings that do not serve me. One thing for sure is if I never thought I was strong before, I know now I am. Observing the feelings that come and go, working through triggers that disconnect me from presence, I say aloud, FAITH!! The good thing is that Musiq was by Ashley’s side during the birth of their baby girl.

Introducing: Satori Solaris — Born: Oct 30, 2017 Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz Height: 20 inches — Born right into papa's (@musiqsoulchild) hands. After becoming pregnant with Musiq’s baby though, there came a time when Ashley leaned on her many followers for inspiration instead. I scrolled social media and then I realized I hadn’t taken moments to breathe. For it was a year, I had met him, he woo’d me, we moved in together, we started a family (holds belly), and I would for the first time celebrate Mother’s Day with a companion by my side. — Then I was reminded how when I arrived home, my mother spoke for hours in disbelief on how I was able to do all of that alone. I don’t know how you moved all those bags pregnant and with Shannon.” I didn’t even look up at her, I responded, “I just had to figure it out. It seemed that her heartbreak never completely subsided since their breakup: mswrightsway: Someone asked me if I was excited? So in progression and preparation for this ceremony that we call Labor, in which I shall bring forth the God Seed that chose me, I am sitting in my Truth until it stops hurting. And it is here that I remember what it is to bare my soul as I call out to my ancestors, as I shed all that doesn’t serve me, as I KEEP SPACE for what does, as I look forward to continuing to be a badass Wombyn and Mother!! Musiq on the other hand, has never shared anything about Ashley online.We’ve had him in speech therapy and occupational therapy for a while now and he is doing well! JET: Did you notice something was different with the development of your child, or was it hard to know what to look for as a first-time parent? He was walking really early, and babbling all the time. At about 12 months, his dad, his pediatrician, and I noticed that he wasn’t saying ‘Mama’ yet, and not really saying anything recognizable.I have a foundation now that I just established called P. That’s when they suggested we enter him into speech therapy.I also just released a children’s album called We Are Different and it’s available on i Tunes and Amazon right now. He’s means everything to me and I’m so motivated and inspired by him. I realize that my purpose here on Earth is not about me. We’ve had him in different therapies since he was quite young, even before the autism diagnosis.JET: What impact has being a mom had on your career and your goals? It was good that we started early intervention, which is very conducive to his development. D (Parents Reaching Out to Understand Developmental Delays) and I just want to be a support system for parents of special needs children, because it’s tough.

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JET: What would you say to a parent who has just received the diagnosis that their child has special needs, or developmental delays? I’m just grateful that I have the platform on R&B Divas to share my story and show what I go through raising a special needs child and bring awareness to it.

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