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However strongly rooted in their traditions parents are, one thing is for sure, and that is the fact that sex before marriage is never acceptable under any circumstances.Becoming pregnant before marriage would shame the whole family and have serious consequences.Before dating with a prospective spouse, young people have to gain the approval of their family.As a rule, both families will meet and discuss everything from faith to income and having children before approval to date is granted.For most Muslim girls and boys this means no dating during High School.This can be difficult for them when they see their Western peers dating at this age, but most of them will adhere to the rules set by their parents.And if a woman and a man appoint other person to act as their representatives for pronouncing the formula of marriage, and if, for example, the name of the man is Ahmad and that of the woman is Fatimah, the representative of the woman should first say: Zawwajtuka muwakkilaka Ahmad muwakkilati Fatimah 'alas sidaqil ma'lum (i.e.

Issue 2375: If a woman appoints a person as her representative so that he may, for example, contract her marriage with a man for ten days, but does not specify the day from which the period of ten days would commence, the representative can contract her marriage with that man for ten days from any day he likes.This sort of fixed time marriage is called Mut'ah or Sigha.Issue 2372: * Whether marriage is permanent or temporary, the formal formula must be pronounced; mere tacit approval and consent, or written agreement, is not sufficient.Physical temptation has to be avoided at all times, and even families that are more relaxed with regards to the rules and will allow couples to meet without chaperones after the first few dates will insist on this.It is also important to remember the age regarded as appropriate for dating.

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Issue 2377: * If a woman and a man themselves want to recite the formula of permanent marriage, the woman should first say: Zawwajtuka nafsi 'alas sidaqil ma'lum (i.e.

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