My mother dating vampire

She sews her clothes, does paintings and sculptures and in almost all of her pieces she includes painted eyes “They are what surrounds me, they are the others, and it’s also me looking at difficult passages of my life, not to forget that behind my peace as a woman is a past that, though less now, hurts.” Maria is friendly, polite, and quiet.

She is trained as a lawyer in a conservative society like Guadalajara.

She tells me with a big laugh that her “friends and family jokingly refuse to go to the movies with her because people will come up non-stop asking for autographs or to have their picture taken with her and there is no way to enjoy a movie like that….” She is kind and very patient with everybody but she prefers the intimacy and comfort of her home in her daily routine.

Maria spends time with her four children from a previous marriage.

The first time I’d heard of the “Vampire Woman” was on a TV show and honestly, I didn’t give much thought to the woman who had 90 per cent of her body tattooed and modified with subcutaneous implants.

But then I was introduced to Maria Jose Cristerna in 2011 at a Body Suspension event by her manager Pepe where she was suspended with hooks placed in her upper back.

She says that sometimes it’s hard to deal with teenagers, yet she manages to talk with them, be aware of their problems, assist them with their homework, go for strolls or eat out and her children respond with a deep sense of admiration.

Although she prefers to be identified as the Jaguar Woman, in concordance with her Mexican roots.She becomes the center of attention be it in a supermarket or in a concert.She seldom picks up her kids from school herself because she is immediately accosted by crowds of parents and students.The simplest thing that might involve going out, like taking out the garbage or going to the farmer’s market, can become quite an ordeal.She never goes anywhere unnoticed; people ask her continuously if she really is the “Vampire Woman”.

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  1. The leading WWE family was apparently not destined to be at one point, with Vince Mc Mahon flip-flopping over whether or not he’d actually allow Triple H aka Paul Levesque to date his daughter Stephanie Mc Mahon in real life.