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#5 They don’t care if they have to lie, steal, or cheat to get what they want.

A narcissist sees everyone in relation to what they can do for them.

No matter how long you’re with them, you can feel alone and lonely.

Regardless of the time you are together, the experiences that you share with them and the closeness that you crave, it always feels as if something is missing or isn’t quite right.

This tactic can be so mind-manipulating that you can start to feel like you’re going insane.

Projecting their own weaknesses onto those in their path, they can leave you to feel stupid, unwanted, or insignificant.Not really caring about anyone but themselves, everyone and everything is merely a tool to get what they want in life.They are not above lying, cheating, or stealing in order to make themselves feel better, more powerful, more admired, or more wealthy.As if there is a protective layer to them that you can’t penetrate, things never seem quite right or real when you’re with a covert narcissist. It makes no difference if it’s you or someone in a third-world nation who is starving to death, they have no ability to empathize, so they never feel sorry for anyone.[Read: 7 reasons why empathy is important in a relationship] #9 They want the good things in life and are envious if anyone else has them.

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