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While Hinata is unsure who's name to write, she sees Naruto making a paper plane with his paper, which leads him to be scolded by Iruka.

Naruto goes on to state that he has no friends nor family, and that the world isn't going to end.

Then at the end of the movie, he takes Hinata and starts blasting his Rasengan like that they can move faster.

They end up really high in the sky, then he kisses her.

He ended up losing and getting so hurt he kinda fell in a comma.

The two were connected so strongly that they could communicate in their eyes” In chapter 615, Naruto held Hinata’s hand. Naruto did all these romantic moments with Hinata subconsciously. Before that, Hinata tells Naruto she loves him, but Naruto already knew since they were kids.Naruto is in love with Hinata throughout the whole story of Naruto, he's so stupid he didn't realized it as "love" since those flashbacks happened in their mission in the movie.Started when Hinata was saved by Naruto since they were young it started there.In that Genjutsu Naruto is seeing a flashback of Hinata and him, but mostly Hinata.Naruto starts seeing some moments where Hinata as a kid wrote his name on a piece of paper and started to get happy, then after he fought Kiba she gave Naruto that healing cream, when he was on the ground when he was fighting Pain she protected him and confessed her love for him, Hinata talking to Sakura about Naruto, etc.

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So my question is if Naruto did quickly fall in love with Hinata after the Genjutsu in the movie, or did he slowly start to feel something for her after it?

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