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Using the Debugger, it appears the Data Set loads correctly, the Data Row is populated correctly, and the new row is added to the Data Set. Open() Dim Sql Insert Command1 As Sql Command = New Sql Command() Sql Insert Command1.

Command Text = "INSERT INTO Categories (Category Name, Description) VALUES (@Category Name, @Description)" Sql Insert Command1.

# dataset_id = 'your-project.your_dataset' dataset = client.get_dataset(dataset_id) dataset.description = "Updated description." dataset = client.update_dataset(dataset, ["description"]) full_dataset_id = ".".format(dataset.project, dataset.dataset_id) print( "Updated dataset '' with description ''.".format( full_dataset_id, dataset.description ) ) You can set a default table expiration time at the dataset level, or you can set a table's expiration time when the table is created. Before trying this sample, follow the Python setup instructions in the Big Query Quickstart Using Client Libraries .

If you set the expiration when the table is created, the dataset's default table expiration is ignored. For more information, see the Big Query Python API reference documentation .

In this section, you will add a button that enables client data changes to be saved back to the database.

from import bigquery # TODO(developer): Construct a Big Query client object. Client() # TODO(developer): Set dataset_id to the ID of the dataset to fetch. Builder builder = Builder(); Default Table Lifetime(one Day Milliseconds); bigquery.update(; // API request.

Hi, I am trying to insert a row into the Categories Table in Nothwinds database in MSDE.

I am able to manually insert it using a query tool. Thanks in advance, Tom ====== Sub Main() Dim nwind Conn As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection ("Data Source=COL-TP5170-LT1\VSdot NET; Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=Northwind;") Dim nwind DA As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter ("SELECT Category ID, Category Name, Description FROM Categories", nwind Conn) nwind Conn.

hey frnds, Firstly I pick the records from the databse into the Data Grid View, Then I want that If we made changes to the records in the Grid View & Click on Update Button, Changes are Reflected into the Datbase .

access gives users the ability to update properties for datasets they create.

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