Nigerian dating scams 419 scams

If you are in the USA, your financial losses can be claimed on your tax return.

When you find yourself needing someone to talk to, come visit us. These are questions I asked myself when I was trying to recover from being scammed.

Romance scams typically get started when someone joins an online dating website.

But they also start on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tagged.

Scammers steal photos from modeling websites and from public social networking websites (a great reason to keep your privacy settings to “friends only”).

They use these photos as their own and if by chance someone accuses them of stealing the photos, they will say no they are the original owner and someone stole the photos from them.

Once they have their victim at Yahoo, they start in with the questions, asking as many as they can, while answering as few as they can asked of them.

I don’t know, but I do know the anger seemed to give me a purpose again. Then I started saying to myself, if you forget about this guy and try to find someone new everything will be alright!

If it is a loved one you are seeking help for, please do not give up hope. The pain that goes along with it is not easily understood by people who have not been through this kind of situation themselves.

The longer the person is involved with the scammer, the harder it can be to end it. Getting caught in the web of deceit known as a romance scam is even more embarrassing. Victims get called many things, including stupid, foolish, and worse.

If you have ever received a questionable email saying that you have just inherited a huge amount of money, or you have won a lottery you don’t remember entering, but they need you to send them personal information and/or money, these along with other emails, are part of what is known as Nigerian 419 scams.

Romance scams are a branch off of the 419 scams and are very effective in hooking victims while destroying bank accounts and breaking hearts.

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In this case they are prepping the victim for what is known as a reshipping scam or check cashing scam for which they need to verify the victim’s home address is real.

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