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A foreign, presumably steam-age, card can't go through the Chip and Pin system.So it'll have to be authorised by signature, so the clerk will - in most cases - instantly notice he's not you.You don't want to expose yourself to theft of your funds.Get a credit card in YOUR name, and ask for an additional card in your Son's name.No doubt: but it's not a reliable way of operating.

There will doubtless be people who'll tell you they've used other people's cards in Europe.Indulgence isn't going to lead to responsibility.It might even help if he learned how to live on a limited amount of money and knew that Mom is not coming to the rescue..results may surprise both of you.While in theory an ATM withdrawal would not be approved for an amount greater than the current balance, things happen, and if they do, you have no limit on your responsibility to pay it. Getting that limit increased to 00 would be good, and probably very possible.Hacking the ATM is pretty remote and would be refundable.

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