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For centuries, communities of Jews lived in some 500 villages in northern Ethiopia – with a millennia-long yearning to return to Zion.

Though Beta Israel's precise "Jewish connection" has been a topic of debate, prominent rabbis from the 16th century Radbaz to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef have recognized their Jewish roots.

When the enterprise failed, the resort lay dusty and dormant... The resort – named "Arous on the Red Sea" – was tailor-made for the Mossad.

"Our ability to successfully host actual tourists," she says, "was the difference between people believing – or not believing – our cover story." Best of all, Yola spoke German at a mother tongue level (she was born in Germany and raised in Israel) and fit the "native European profile" so crucial to the covert operation, up to and included her falsified European passport.

Geography proved decisive to the solution: Israel and Sudan both have coastlines on the Red Sea.

Mossad agents hoped to locate an obscure lagoon in Sudan where naval rescue operations could be secretly based. Any suspicious activity would threaten not only the Mossad agents, but thousands of Ethiopian Jews who could be subject to violent retaliation.

It so happens that a decade earlier, a group of Italian investors had the cockamamie idea of packaging "Red Sea Diving Tours" in the inhospitable third-world Sudan.

On an isolated Red Sea beach, the Italians built an entire resort village – complete with bungalows, kitchen, dining hall, and essential infrastructure.

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For these operations, Yola was stationed in the middle of the desert, serving as a communications transmitter between the refugee trucks and the rescue boats.

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