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To speak in Bit Torrent terms, people have to connect to a tracker to know where the message should be sent.Torrent Freak asked for further details on what central servers are involved in bootstrapping the conversations and what encryption the new tool uses, but the company could not immediately provide further details on these issues.The San Francisco-based company just launched Bit Torrent Chat, a secure messenger app that allows people to communicate without storing the conversations on any central servers.The new tool is based on Bit Torrent technology and is offered free of charge to help people regain complete control over their own data.Bit Torrent Chat applies distributed technology to the idea of IM.

Internet privacy suddenly became a mainstream topic and all the negative news has increased the demand for encrypted and secure communications.

"Governments have put this trust at risk, and governments need to help restore it." UPDATE: Microsoft has responded to recent revelations about UK and US spies listening in to discussions on Xbox Live chat.

A spokesperson told Eurogamer the company had not detected any spying through Xbox Live - and insisted if it did occur it wasn't done with Microsoft's blessing.

Branded "Bit Torrent Chat," the new application allows people to chat safely and securely without having to rely on any central servers, making it nearly impossible for these conversions to be tapped.

The project is currently in private Alpha stage and Bit Torrent is inviting the public to give it a try.

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Crucially, however, the leaked documentation offers no proof the surveillance in any way helped foil terrorist plots - or that terror groups had been found to use these services at all.

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