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Working with source code is of course done best from a development IDE such as Visual Studio.

To associate a commit with a work item in these scenarios, you can simply enter the ID of the work item with a # in front of it as part of the commit message: Here we associate this commit with the work item with ID 4321.

Features that a stakeholder can use include: To learn more about the Stakeholder license, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/Library/vs/alm/work/connect/work-as-a-stakeholder When using Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) we have from the first version of TFS had the ability to use check-in policies for enforcing standards and policies of everything that is checked in to source control.

We also have the ability to use Gated Builds, which allows us to make sure that a changeset is not checked in unless an associated build definition is executed successfully.

And unfortunately, it is not possible to export work item queries to Excel as easily from the web as it is from Visual Studio.

But, we can update multiple work items in TFS web access as well.

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