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Thanks to MTV, frustrated parents will once again get the chance to kick their kid's loser boyfriends and girlfriends to the curb!It's time for an all-new season of Parental Control, with a brand new look and all the fun PC moments that you've come to love.Here is a list of our favorite shows of the early 2000s that we watched when we were probably just a little too young to understand.What is "reality tv" without a dating show to compete with Vh1's "Flavor of Love"?wrote, she seemed to hint that she’s dating a girl again.The speculation arose in reply to a question on Twitter, where a fan asked if she had a fourth baby daddy in mind.We just took ‘lucky number 7’ to a whole new level!😳 https://t.co/r A4buo Yu NH | Don’t miss the premiere of #Game OFClones Thursday, February 21st at 9/8c on @MTV!

If Mom and Dad have their way, one of these hot new daters will charm their kid into dumping their old boyfriends or girlfriends.

The press release from MTV explains that the reality TV stars each have a “celebrity crush.” Additionally, there will be seven clones of the crush.

The TV personalities will date them and “in hope of finding their perfect match.

Will Kail manage to correctly assess the personality behind the looks?

Well, for now, it seems we just have to wait for the show to begin to find out.

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Jo Rivera and Kailyn produced Isaac, Javi Marroquin and Kail brought forth Lincoln.

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