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Our home-delivered meals program now offers halal meals in parts of Brooklyn through a partnership between JASA and COPO.Halal meals provide diverse, nutritious options for homebound older adults.Causes of physical discomfort such as constipation and urinary retention are common precipitants but are often overlooked.

The Senior Employment Services Unit trains older adults for jobs in today’s workforce.

It is not uncommon for patients to have both forms at various times during the course of the same illness.

It is particularly easy to miss a patient with hypoactive delirium as they do not call attention to themselves, perhaps explaining why the hypoactive form is associated with a poorer prognosis.[1] The diagnosis of delirium requires a patient interview, a physical examination, cognitive testing, and a review of the medical chart and any collateral information. Delirium and physical restraint in the hospitalized elderly.

Nonpharmacological strategies for prevention Primary prevention is the cornerstone of delirium management and has the best evidence for success of any intervention.

Some institutions have adopted the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) to address six risk factors in older patients that commonly contribute to delirium: cognitive impairment, sleep deprivation, immobility, visual impairment, hearing impairment, and dehydration (Table 1).[14] Addressing these risk factors results in fewer days of delirium and fewer episodes of delirium, but does not reduce delirium severity and recurrence rates,[14] suggesting that once delirium develops, it is difficult to intervene.

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In addition, some patients are more vulnerable than others.

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