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On this feed, real-life dating scenarios are shared so that followers can offer advice.

If asking complete strangers for dating advice isn’t your cup of tea, simply reading about others’ struggles can help you feel a little better about your own.

If you are just looking to get some good feels while browsing Instagram, @datingnotes is the stop for you.

It’s whimsical, flirty, fun, and somewhat inspirational for romantics who like to dream of the possibilities when dating.

You aren’t going to get answers to any burning dating questions, but you will laugh and smile when scrolling through these posts (because some of them are hilarious yet so true). Thanks to @the_babe_report, one of those things is dating advice.

The feed is full of just that — dating advice geared to millennials and Generation X singles.

The good news is that no matter what you are going through in your dating life, someone else has probably already experienced it.Real life isn’t usually as glamorous as shown in pictures on social media.The truth is often much scarier than any picture can capture, which is why there are hilarious memes and sassy quotes that are rooted in reality to get the truth out. Followers post their “true” stories and funny memes about being single for others to enjoy.The photos are fun, quirky, and empowering, making you feel a little bit better about doing things on your own.Everyone could use a little expert dating advice from time to time, and Julie Spira’s Instagram feed, @juliespira, is a treasure trove of realistic, sound dating advice.

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