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But the overriding problem is that there still isn’t a good overall control mechanism for asset caching and custom network requests.The previous attempt — App Cache — seemed to be a good idea because it allowed you to specify assets to cache really easily.Instead, we could build our own promise to handle this kind of case.

Read Jake Archibald's (unfortunately-titled but well-written) Application Cache is a Douchebag for more details.Furthermore, if you use App Cache and SW on a page, browsers that don’t support SW but do support App Cache will use that, and browsers that support both will ignore the App Cache and let SW take over.After your service worker is registered, the browser will attempt to install then activate the service worker for your page/site.Now for a real example — what if we wanted to load images dynamically, but we wanted to make sure the images were loaded before we tried to display them?This is a standard thing to want to do, but it can be a bit of a pain.

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It persists until you tell it not to — again, you have full control.

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