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Consider the matter closed unless she brings it up again and clearly expresses interest.Scott Roberts studied communications at the University of Southern Indiana and has written for local newspapers throughout his adult life.When you are romantically attracted to your female boss, the prospect of asking her on a date is fraught with potential problems--for you and for her.If the attraction is casual or purely physical, you would probably be wise not to ask her out.In just a few easy steps, you'll create a custom profile and browse lunch invitations, or create one of your own.You're in control, because you choose your date based on interest categories like sports, political interest, arts, music, literature, and technology.Finally, the superior might be able to talk you out of it, which could be for the best.Choose an appropriate location to ask for the date.

An accomplished artist, he has illustrated and written cartoons for newspapers and Go She, of course, will probably be all too aware of this hazard, but she may find it reassuring that you understand and are open to exploring ways of minimizing the problem. Even if she turns you down in a vague or open-ended way, suggesting she might be interested in the future, do not ask her out a second time if she says no the first time.Do not interpret vagueness as an invitation to keep trying; assume she is sparing your feelings.At Meet For Lunch.com, you'll find it easy to get together with qualified singles or platonic friends - with no strings attached.It's fast and easy to find a lunch date in your area.

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Even though you're not the one in power, someone could still accuse you of what the law defines as "unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment." If you're alone with her in an office, make sure the door is open.

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