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Elvis Presley Is Still Alive Elvis Presley most certainly did not leave the building on Aug. At least that's what scores of people believe to this day. Evidence, in their minds, abounds – and shadowy appearances by a now-apparently aged Presley spring up with metronomic regularity.Alivers point to the misspelling of his name on the tombstone at Graceland, which says "Aaron" instead of "Aron" as his middle name.And to the rumor that nobody ever cashed out his life-insurance policy.

He is holding my wrists with both his hands, and, before I can react, he changes his hold to one hand and, with his free hand, pulls a knife out of his back pocket. Perhaps hauling around just the gearshift would have sufficed. ” Congo-green paisley taffeta dinner suit, whisk-broom eyelashes, Rorschach-inkblot eye shadow, stacked heels, Marquis de Sade hair bow, and skirt up to I arrive in the Pump Room. A smashingly put-together woman with a flamboyant mane of rich red hair is being escorted with an older chap (he is probably all of 35) to a table across the room. He and his maroon swim trunks may have been dead these last 40 years, but old Cam and the boat are the events — of all the events in my life — that somehow swim constantly back into my head. This has to be in the fall of 1995 or the spring of 1996 because he’s garbed in a faultless topcoat and I’m wearing my black wool Donna Karan coatdress and high heels but not a coat. In Bergdorf’s dressing rooms, doors are usually locked until a client wants to try something on. If he opens it, it will measure, end to end, 10 or 11 inches. Well, it is the knife, but it’s the look on his face that scares me. Had I been an artist, I could have carried the front seat of the car the boy was driving wherever I went on Indiana University’s campus to protest his assault like Emma Sulkowicz carrying her mattress around Columbia University in the greatest art show of 2014, but I didn’t think of it. My ex-wife just walked in.” My false eyelashes spring open like parasols. Hell, I am thrilled I escape before he expels his ink. Logan year after year, becoming tall and womanly, receiving letters from boys with swak written on the backs of the envelopes, going on weeklong canoe trips, and completing my counselor-in-training program. Never once did I speak to him or look at him again, but my brain does not avoid him. TV show for the cable station America’s Talking, a precursor to MSNBC launched by Roger Ailes (who, by the way, is No. Early one evening, as I am about to go out Bergdorf’s revolving door on 58th Street, and one of New York’s most famous men comes in the revolving door, or it could have been a regular door at that time, I can’t recall, and he says: “Hey, you’re that advice lady! 20 on the Most Hideous Men of My Life List: “Hey, you’re that real-estate tycoon! We’ve met once before, and perhaps it is the dusky light but he looks prettier than ever. And the other odd thing is that a dressing-room door was open. At the time, I own two Girl Scout knives, a Girl Scout knife-safety certificate, and my own personal hatchet, and the neighbor kids believe I have reached a height of felicity rarely attained on Illsley Place, our street, because of my winning 30 rounds of mumblety-peg, a game where we throw pocketknives at each other’s bare feet. It’s a jackknife, a knife with a folding blade, dark brownish-gray, made out of some kind of horn, about five or six inches. I can smell his excitement; it’s like electrified butter, and I zero in on the fact that he must use two hands to open the knife. The girl says, “I’ll bet a boy tried something with you,” and I say, “Yeah,” and that is the last word I utter about the attack until now. 13 on the Most Hideous Men of My Life List rises to greet me and says, “They canceled.” “Oh dear,” I reply. “Sit down.” He orders drinks, an extra glass of ice, tells me in detail about the new suit he is wearing, and then says, surprised, “Oh damn! Across the room, my boss’s ex-wife glances at us and puts her two very, very red open lips on her chap’s cheek and — well, there is no verb available — squishes her lips up and down and sorta rolls them around his face like she is the press-and-steam girl at a dry cleaner. — I am not certain that even if I pull off one of his arms it won’t crawl after me and attack me in my hotel bed. Logan, near Fort Wayne, Indiana, on the shore of Dewart Lake. memories of time spent at this camp may well be sweeping over you right now.” As a Scout, I returned to Camp Ella J. His admirers can’t get enough of hearing that he’s rich enough, lusty enough, and powerful enough to be sued by and to pay off every splashy porn star or Playmate who “comes forward,” so I can’t imagine how ecstatic the poor saps will be to hear their favorite Walking Phallus got it on with an old lady in the world’s most prestigious department store. All I can say is I did not, in this fleeting episode, see an attendant.And to a coroner's diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia, which can't be determined in a dead body.And to the rumors of Presley sweating in his casket, proof that the figure was made of wax.

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