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The vehicle was towed.21000 Hwy 613, Moss Point, Dixie Depot: Lisa Osborne reported embezzl... Calls for Service:10412 Riverbend Cr, Moss Point: Yolanda Murphy reported a burglary.3208 North 8th St, Ocean Springs: Keeley Price reported trespass less than larceny.2111 Brent Av, Vancleave: Christine Weber reported a missing person. The vehicle was towed.22105 William Ward Rd, Moss Point: Jason Hinkel reported petit larceny.6501 Coda Rd, Moss Point: Margie Rico reported a burglary. The vehicle was towed.10012 Jim Ramsey Loop, Vancleave: Kenneth Seymour reported credit card fraud. By the time the well was sealed months later, about 5 million barrels of o... Calls for Service:2801 Blackfoot Rd, Vancleave: Michael Mohr reported simple assault by threat.8701 Graham Rd, Moss Point: Bennie Shettles reported malicious mischief.10800 Yellowjacket Rd, Ocean Springs: Kimberly Barnes repo... Calls for Service:4301 Kenneth Cole Rd, Vancleave: Paige Kay reported simple assault.13200 Lily Orchard Rd, Moss Point: Cecil Conner reported malicious mischief.8005 Cimarron Av, Biloxi: Joseph Jordan reported simple assault.... The Jackson County Animal Shelter’s Animal Control program consists of three Officers that provide coverage for the unincorporated areas of Jackson County.In 2018, these Officers have responded to over 2,500 calls, and over 2,000 animals have be... The Jackson County Sheriff's Department now offers new ways to keep up with whats going on in the county. By clicking “Log In” on the My Account bar at the top of the screen, users may create a login for the site or use their Facebook profile to access My Account.

Calls for Service:10201 Flintridge Rd, Moss Point: Jacob Hogue reported a vehicle burglary.9524 Theriot Av, Vancleave: Parker Wilkinson reported a vehicle burglary.15408 Glen Dr, Biloxi: Jacqueline Lear reported petit larceny.13402 Seaman Rd, Vancleave: J... The Jackson County Board of Supervisors announced today that the County has become certified as an ACT® Work Ready Community. Calls for Service:10317 Shady Pine Drive, Vancleave: Marcus Buchanan reported motor vehicle theft.14510 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi: Joseph Ditsworth reported a hit and run.7104 Tanner Williams Rd, Lucedale: Dustin Stringfellow reported a vehicle burglary.22276 ... Calls for Service:14008 Puerto Rd, Ocean Springs: Catrina Thompson reported trespass less than larceny.8301 Holiday Dr, Ocean Springs: Joanne Stine reported fraudulent bank transactions.6419 Woodland Dr, Ocean Springs: Larry Woodard reported malicious mis... Calls for Service: North 7th St, Ocean Springs: Aaron Dominey reported malicious mischief.9524 Hwy 613, Moss Point: Chandra Holsapple reported simple assault.13000 Spencer Wilson Rd, Vancleave: Stephen Kelly reported grand larceny.16016 Lemoyne Blvd, Bilox... Calls for Service: I-10, Moss Point, Rest Area: Jon Abbott reported malicious mischief.6615 Rose Farm Rd, Ocean Springs: Donald Mc Lain reported a burglary.125 Industrial Rd, Pascagoula: Kaila Brooke Roach was arrested and charged with DUI.8301 Holiday Dr, ... Calls for Service:7200 Kruger Pl, Ocean Springs: David Marshall reported trespassing.6006 Big Point Rd, Moss Point: Ray Box reported malicious mischief and vehicle burglary.3216 Prescott Dr, Moss Point: Ashley Wyatt reported petit larceny.9717 Culpepper D... Calls for Service:2231 Johns Bayou Marina Rd, Vancleave: David Ishee reported malicious mischief. Martin): Realtor Krista Finney reported a residential burglary attempt by unknown suspects(s) of a... Calls for Service:6904 Washington Avenue (Substation)/St. Martin: William Adams said someone fraudulently used his identity to open an account through Verizon.8101 Vestry Rd: Brandon Parker reported felony credit card fraud and petit larceny (x2) after no... Calls for Service:2216 Fay Lane/ Vancleave: James Myers reported damage tohis vehicle caused by Sabrina Rogers.15417 Waycross Dr./ St. The vehicle was towed.8709 Stonewall St, Ocean Springs: Gary Black reported motor vehicle theft.26901 Hwy 613, Lucedale: Gerald P... Calls for Service:14203 Cook Rd, Ocean Springs: Allison Watts reported a vehicle fire.6720 Southwind Dr, Biloxi: Jason Boykin reported malicious mischief.7800 Hwy 614, Moss Point: Emma Wicks reported motor vehicle theft.9151 Ethan Allen St, Moss Point: Ti... Calls for Service:8014 Cimarron Av, Biloxi: Elizabeth Fleming reported petit larceny.16000 Van Eaton Cr, Biloxi: Raoul Lopez reported stalking.6632 Balboa Cr, Ocean Springs: Megan Keeton reported motor vehicle theft.6253 Tennyson Dr, Ocean Springs: Tony B... Calls for Service:10281 Maple Cv, Vancleave: Joshua Murphy reported motor vehicle theft.14925 Dantzler Rd, Vancleave: Kennith Green reported a missing person.6105 Shingle Mill Landing Rd, Moss Point: Thomas Moss reported motor vehicle theft.2616 Cumbest B... Calls for Service:15004 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi: Sheron Hurd reported petit larceny.2920 Beachview Dr, Ocean Springs: Lance Viator reported identity theft.10405 Riverbend Cr, Moss Point: Kayleigh Goodrum reported a burglary. Arrests:1709 South 8th St, Ocean Springs: Jerry Nevaughn Carr was arrested an... Calls for Service:11406 Forts Lake Rd, Moss Point: Carla Delrio reported petit larceny.3616 Ryland Rd, Moss Point: Kaylyn Dunn reported simple assault.7015 Washington Av, Ocean Springs: Loren Murray reported stalking.14401 Cook Rd, Biloxi: Gary Sorg repor... Calls for Service:21612 Hwy 613, Moss Point: Cody Byrd reported a vehicle burglary.11801 Demouey Rd, Moss Point: Gabrielle Doolittle reported harassing phone calls.21501 Old River Rd, Vancleave: Patricia Whittington reported a burglary.15301 Lemoyne Blvd,... Calls for Service:5604 Belle Vale Dr, Vancleave: Steven Ellington reported identity theft.18412 Hwy 613, Moss Point: Garry Mason reported identity theft.14033 Hwy 613, Moss Point: Laurie Holley reported a burglary.13610 Soloman Rd, Ocean Springs: Scott Cl... Calls for Service:12800 Hwy 57, Vancleave: Maranda Wilson reported motor vehicle theft.15813 Belmont Dr, Biloxi: Terynia Jones reported animal cruelty.12501 Meadowglen Rd, Vancleave: Tara Diefenbanch reported credit card fraud.10400 Old Fort Bayou Rd, Van... Calls for Service:7600 Tucker Rd, Ocean Springs, Circle K: Aliysha Longino reported shoplifting.5225 Coaster Rd, Moss Point, Insurance Auto Auctions: John Gibson reported motor vehicle theft.2001 Montcliff Dr, Vancleave: Andrea Thomas reported credit card... Calls for Service:15841 Mc Clelland Rd, Biloxi: Michael Catchot reported malicious mischief.8000 Tucker Rd, Ocean Springs: Dustin Bates reported credit card fraud.5216 Reilly Rd, Ocean Springs: Daviann Uher reported credit card fraud.9530 Dub St, Biloxi: C... Calls for Service:10213 Clearwater, Vancleave: Velana Forehand reported threatening messages and phone calls.119 Clear Springs Circle, St. Calls for Service:3412 Rouse Marina Rd, Vancleave: Kenneth Steed reported simple assault.9412 Meadowlark Av, Ocean Springs: Rodney Fayard reported malicious mischief.1116 Sampson Rd, Lucedale: Alicia Debord reported a burglary.15804 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi: ... Calls for Service:14805 Parker Rd, Biloxi: William Jerrell reported a burglary.4216 North Star Av, Moss Point: James Coulter reported identity theft.9216 Jim Ramsey Rd, Vancleave: Jarrod Huckleby reported simple assault by threat.8712 Pointe Aux Chenes, O... Calls for Service:6665 Balboa Cr, Ocean Springs: Renee Gilliam reported a dog at large.9924 Seaman Rd, Vancleave, Seventh Day Hispanic Church: Maria Aguilar reported a burglary.8500 Bayou Cumbest Rd, Moss Point: Bobby Clarke reported a burglary. Brittany Av, Biloxi: Richard Weimer reported a recovered firearm.16724 Hidden Lake Rd, Vancleave: Ronnie Smith reported grand larceny... Calls for Service: Hwy 63, Moss Point: Jameon Smith reported assault by threat.5400 Ballpark Rd, Vancleave: Marion Hill reported petit larceny.6433 Irwin Ln, Vancleave: Vernon Ely reported petit larceny.10605 Streamwater Rd, Vancleave: John Bang reported m... Calls for Service:3001 Hamill Farm Rd, Ocean Springs: David De Leon reported a missing person.10519 Hwy 613, Moss Point: George Hilton reported assault with a weapon.7100 Hwy 614, Moss Point: Sharron Thornton reported petit larceny.18005 Mongers Rd, Vancle... Calls for Service:12609 Hanover Dr, Ocean Springs: Wilma Gordon reported malicious mischief..8600 Jim Ramsey Rd, Vancleave: Syldia Brown reported a burglary.13804 Deneen Rd, Vancleave: Chad Peterson reported grand larceny.5721 Cobia Dr, Moss Point: Pamela... Calls for Service:7501 Washington Av, Ocean Springs: Victor Oliveras reported simple assault.5251 Bear Ridge Rd, Vancleave: Ralph Bellon reported petit larceny.10016 Oakwood Park Dr, Moss Point: Terry Miller reported a burglary.14605 Parker Rd, Biloxi: Ro... Calls for Service:16302 Wolfridge Rd, Moss Point: Josiah Hunter reported a burglary.11701 Jim Ramsey Rd, Vancleave: Jessica White reported trespassing.7000 Bayou Cumbest Rd, Moss Point: Raina Hess reported simple assault. The vehicle was towed.9712 Hwy 63, Moss Point, Vice Construction: Jeremy Vice reported motor vehicle theft. A Moss Point man is in the Jackson County Adult Detention Center charged with murder in the shooting death of another man Tuesday (April 9) night. allegedly shot 50-year old Noel Christopher Benson of Grand Bay, A... Calls for Service:7724 Carter’s Rd, Moss Point: Ryan Holmes reported a burglary in progress.8610 Primrose Ln, Moss Point: Aaron Farner reported a vehicle burglary.16532 Thrasher Ln, Vancleave: Brandon Vancourt reported petit larceny.4024 Ceolia Taylor Rd,... Andrews: Shannon Willis reported an assault.13800 Mount Pleasant, Vancleave: Angela Cook reported an assault.14208 Jim Ramsey, Vancleave: Regina F... Calls for Service:13201 Fairley Rd, Vancleave: Sandra Edmonson reported herson’s home was broken into.5721 Cobia, St Line: Pamela Nolan reported a pictureframe was stolen from her shed.10850 Independence, St Line: Kenneth Mc Collough reporteda burgla... Calls for Service:7320 Southwind Dr, Biloxi: Christopher Booth reported a burglary.12424 Hwy 57, Vancleave, Vancleave High School: Kimberly Seymour reported missing equipment.4222 Knowlcrest, Moss Point: Cameron Walley reported a vehicle burglary. The sheriff says they were riding trails on private property on Old River Road a... Calls for Service:7350 Tucker Rd, Ocean Springs: Jamie O’Grady reported motor vehicle theft.6205 Dove Ln, Ocean Springs: Eric Robertson reported grand larceny.2803 Caswell Ln, Moss Point: Cathy Sampson reported identity theft.13200 Lily Orchard Rd, Moss P... Calls for Service:6810 Hurley Wade Rd, Moss Point: John Egbert reported a vehicle burglary.9120 Franklin Creek Rd, Moss Point: Roy Blonquist reported uttering forgery.7951 Aster St, Moss Point: Paul Williams reported petit larceny.6837 Sweet Clover Dr, Oc... Calls for Service:7916 Old Stage Rd, Moss Point: Charity Delancey reported simple assault by threat.1960 Bass Dr, Vancleave: Charlene Stewart reported a leash law violation.6825 White’s Farm Rd, Lucedale: Jeffery Strickland reported trespass less than lar... Calls for Service:14104 Big Ridge Rd, Biloxi: Joseph Shelton reported petit larceny.11801 Brad Al Rd, Vancleave: Cathy Mc Lain reported a burglary.2217 Paula Circle, Ocean Springs: Ngoc Pham reported uttering forgery. I-10/MM 50, Ocean Springs: Jason Fairley reported malicious mischief.17121 Lily Orchard Rd, Mo... Calls for Service:7117 Hampton/St Martin Sarah Brown reported her vehicle broken into.9408 Entrekin Ave/Latimer Joshua Miller reported fraudulent charges on his account.13708 Florida Cove/Latimer Jodi Colding reported a stolen laptop.8601 Firetower Road E... Calls for Service:7125 Bayou Landing, Ocean Springs: Sara Sweneny reported credit card fraud.7409 Oakland Dr, Biloxi: Manfred Grill reported a burglary.3312 North 9th St, Ocean Springs: Johnell Raley reported malicious mischief.11804 Poticaw Landing, Vanc... Calls for Service:7129 Big Point Rd, Moss Point: Lt Richard Palmer reported an abandoned vehicle.

The vehicle was towed.6819 Washington Av, Ocean Springs, Family Frozen Foods: A burglary was reported.7300 Rose Farm Rd, Ocean Springs: Dennis Johnson reporte... Calls for Service:13055 Saracennia Rd, Moss Point: Franklin Miller reported credit card fraud.9124 Ocean Springs Rd, Ocean Springs: Raquel Burney reported a vehicle burglary.8701 Graham Rd, Moss Point: Bennie Shettles reported petit larceny.14104 Big Ridg... Calls for Service:8401 Daisy Vestry Rd, Biloxi: Shannon Bond reported uttering forgery.11300 Yellowjacket Rd, Ocean Springs, St Martin Maintenance: Petit larceny was reported.13924 Deneen Rd, Vancleave: Troy Lirette reported a vehicle burglary.7633 Macon ... Calls for Service:601 Industrial Rd, Pascagoula, Mississippi Phosphates: A burglary was reported.10408 Western Dr, Vancleave: Susan Davis reported petit larceny.8016 Tanner Williams Rd, Lucedale: Richard Smith reported a burglary.15609 Stanley Dr, Vanclea... Calls for Service:10101 Red Oak Ln, Moss Point: Kristen Robinson reported motor vehicle theft.15505 Big Ridge Rd, Biloxi: Andrew Dauphin reported a vehicle burglary.15312 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi: Rosemary Rosario reported credit card fraud.24000 Turps Dr, Lu... Jackson County sheriff’s investigators have made four arrests in a rash of burglaries occurring in Vancleave. Calls for Service:15480 Old River Rd, Vancleave: Andrew Roberts reported petit larceny.20600 Hwy 63, Moss Point: Julian Tanner reported simple assault.8000 Tucker Rd, Vancleave, Circle K North: Timothy Lawrence reported shoplifting.12176 Hwy 57, Vancleave... Calls for Service:18018 Larue Rd, Vancleave: Richard Pakula reported a vehicle burglary.8400 Vanna St, Biloxi: William Vierling reported a burglary.10820 Tucker Rd, Vancleave: Earnest Miller reported petit larceny.6416 Palfrey St, Ocean Springs: Kiwi Lebr... Calls for Service:9308 Travis Av, Vancleave: Elizabeth Bell-Avery reported a scam.13412 Constitution Rd, Moss Point: Gary Smith reported petit larceny.6921 Kings Rd, Moss Point: Loretta Walker reported grand larceny.7120 Thornbriar St, Ocean Springs: Rhon... Calls for Service:26975 Old Americus Rd, Lucedale: Cassie Herrington reported grand larceny.13125 Seaman Rd, Vancleave: Nancy Robison reported grand larceny.14203 Cook Rd, Ocean Springs: Marvin Kinnel reported motor vehicle theft.13413 Mount Pleasant Rd, ... Calls for Service:15105 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi: Sophia Walker reported harassing phone calls.3801 Sentinel Dr, Moss Point, Escatawpa Fire Dept: Wesley Pry reported credit card fraud.7216 Denver Dr, Biloxi: Weldon Babuchna reported malicious mischief. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Jackson County District Attorney’s office are assisting the sheriff’s departme... Calls for Service:12385 Lily Orchard Road, Moss Point: Timothy Gilliam reported a complaint.6621 Columbus Circle, Ocean Springs: Ethel Wise reported a complaint.5614 Riley Road, Ocean Springs: Wilbur Manuel reported petit larceny.11025 Sabra Lane, Ocean S... Calls for Service:7128 Richmond Drive, Biloxi: James Todriff reported a complaint.6252 Browning Drive, Ocean Springs: Wanda Buckley reported grand larceny. Calls for Service:5501 Derry Street, Ocean Springs: Angela Castillo reported a theft.21912 Highway 613, Moss Point: Scott Tanner reported a theft.14008 Puerto Road, Ocean Springs: Wesley Morgan reported a burglary.3909 Somerset Drive, Moss Point: Sherry H... The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department’s Santa Wears a Badge program is underway.

Sheriff Mike Ezell says brothers Mike and Mark Bennett, both 58, were arrested Wednesday (January 16) by the George County Sheriff&r... Calls for Service:22709 Hinton Rd, Lucedale: Maria Robinson-Comer reported identity theft.13328 Hollow Oak Ln, Ocean Springs: Nancy Grimes reported harassing phone calls.6810 Tanner Williams Rd, Lucedale: Eric Manning reported motor vehicle theft. Cochran Avenue, Moss Point: Alex Nowicki reported a complaint.21401 Old River Road, Vancleave: Micha... Calls for Service: Wilson Springs Road, Moss Point: Susan Keys reported simple assault.3110 Eagle Ridge, Vancleave: Kristy Alspaugh reported a complaint.10920 Old Fort Bayou Road, Vancleave: Crystal Raposa reported a lost prescription.15023 Dantzler Street... The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Jackson County District Attorney’s office are assisting the sheriff’s department in investigating an inmate hanging death in the adult detention center. Calls for Service:19810 Old River Road, Vancleave: Shane Davidson reported a burglary.14116 Glendale Road, Vancleave: Allen Trost reported a complaint. Calls for Service:9020 Marina Av, Ocean Springs: Kimmy Yarbrough reported malicious mischief.8800 Seaman Rd, Vancleave: Anthony Straight reported petit larceny.11540 Bayou Pl, Ocean Springs: Jason Pickard, Jr, reported grand larceny.4409 Breland Rd, Vancl... Calls for Service:5400 Ballpark Rd, Vancleave, Jackson County Recreation Dept: Darcie Crew reported petit larceny.8105 Hwy 613, Moss Point: Frances Mc Queen reported disturbing the peace.15412 Big Ridge Rd, Biloxi: Katrina Le reported a hit and run.7301 Cl... Calls for Service:10612 Highway 613, Moss Point: Jennifer Dampier reported a burglary.9001 Highway 63, Moss Point: Eric Ported reported a theft.3028 Kennie Pierce Road, Moss Point: Garry Cumbest reported a fraud. After Monday’s (November 12) announcement by Toys for Tots that it will not include Jackson County this year in its toy distribution, we are stepping up our efforts to make... Calls for Service: Chevron Drive, Moss Point: Adam Johnston reported a hit and run. Calls for Service:7424 Saints Cr, Ocean Springs: Deputy Dustin Gregg reported an abandoned vehicle.

The sitcom is set during the 1980s, and is based on the teenage experiences of actor and comedian Chris Rock.

The show’s title is a parody of another popular sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

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Calls for Service:18901 Hwy 57, Vancleave: Tiffany Lepine reported malicious mischief.13330 Seaman Rd, Vancleave, Cambium Tree Care: Nephtaly Cabrera reported malicious mischief.7525 Lake Ridge Dr, Ocean Springs: Nancy Beech reported identity theft.8603 H... Calls for Service: Kenneth Cole Rd, Vancleave, Cambium Tree Care: Kyle Dressback reported a vehicle burglary.21201 Rail St, Moss Point: Brandon Shows reported bank account fraud.13300 Joe Batt Rd, Vancleave: Todd Cotterman reported petit larceny.9808 Briar... Calls for Service:1716 Deer Ln, Lucedale: William Brooks reported a vehicle burglary.3100 Lampkin Rd, Moss Point, A T & T: Clifton Landry reported grand larceny.14203 Cook Rd, Ocean Springs: Colin Fountain reported simple assault.6312 Waltman Rd, Vanc... Calls for Service:6810 Hurley Wade Rd, Moss Point, Hurley Baptist Church: John Egbert reported a suspicious vehicle on the property.8701 Tucker Rd, Ocean Springs: Joseph Necaise reported petit larceny.10724 Oak St, Vancleave: Harold Wilson reported a burg... Calls for Service:14704 Glendale Rd, Vancleave: Bennie Spicer reported malicious mischief.3801 Sentinel Dr, Moss Point, Jackson County Fire Dept: Jesse Johnson reported grand larceny.14706 Glendale Rd, Vancleave: Jacob Manley reported a burglary.10600 Der... Calls for Service:19400 Larue Rd, Vancleave, Jackson County Road Department: Petit Larceny was reported.15628 Belmont Dr, Biloxi: Michael Mc Cree reported a vehicle burglary. Calls for Service:5538 Lexington Rd, Ocean Springs: Della Lamb reported motor vehicle theft.9412 Wild Oaks Ln, Ocean Springs: Regina Escher reported petit larceny.10401 Charpentier Dr, Moss Point: L V Breland reported a strong armed robbery.11800 Sugar Ri... Calls for Service:16215 Allie Byrd Rd, Vancleave: James Stanford reported malicious mischief.21536 Hwy 613, Moss Point: Dixie Brewer reported malicious mischief.6621 Old Fort Bayou Rd, Ocean Springs: John Pope reported grand larceny.24700 School House Rd,... Jackson County has partnered with Civic Ready to implement its mass notification system. Sheriff Mike Ezell says 39-year old Jeffery Shane Brune was arrested Thursday, March 29, on one count of false pretense. Calls for Service: Big Ridge 9412 Meadowlark Av, Ocean Springs: Susan Moore reported motor vehicle theft.

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