Paleomagnetic dating is based on the fact that chelsie hightower and mark kanemura dating

In any case, the genus was ready to occupy various regions of the Old World at about 1 Ma, as indicated by the eastern Mediterranean sites at Ubeidiya (11) and Gesher Benot Ya'aqov (Israel) (12), both containing Acheulean tools.

Within this setting of technology dispersal, Spain, at the cul de sac of Europe, plays a relevant role, as it seems to hold the oldest occupation evidence in Western Europe.

The Iberian Peninsula appears to have been populated substantially earlier than northern and central Europe as evidenced by the human fossils and lithic objects recently found in Atapuerca (Northern Spain) that are about 0.8 Ma old (10,13).

Another archaeological region in Spain, the Guadix-Baza (GB) Basin, has long been known for its number of fossiliferous levels, but there is a lack of adequate chronology of the strata containing the fossils.

At BL, the stratigraphic sequence comprises limestone, sandstone, gravel, calcareous silt, and dark mudstone.Dating techniques such as electron spin resonance and thermoluminescence cannot be satisfactorily applied in the strata that contain the archaeological remains because of the absence of the required minerals for such techniques.Here we report a paleomagnetic age at the localities where artifacts and fossils are found and provide firm age calibration of this important paleoanthropological and mammal site.At times, the progradation of the transverse fans obstructed the master drainage, leading to partial occupation of the axial valley by ephemeral lakes.Climatic changes during the last 7 Ma modulated the variations in size of the lakes (15).

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The association of the lithic artifacts along with the fossil assemblages, themselves of prime significance in the Eurasian mammal biochronology, is providing new insight into the controversy of the human settlement in Southern Europe.

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