Pentecostal rules of dating

Cosmetics make a vastly larger difference in the appearance of a woman than you might otherwise think.

There are lots of Pentecostal women who are not overweight, even here in Mississippi, which is statistically the most overweight state. The slender Pentecostal women aren't as obvious-looking, because long skirts are fashionable.

It's just that they are the ones who are the most noticeable.

BTW, the reason they look so ugly to you is the lack of makeup and the hairstyles (not permitted to cut their hair) ...

So: Is there some kind of Pentecostal diet that consists of a lot of extremely fattening foods, causing all the women to have this build?

Are there genes in the Pentecostal families that are widely shared and that result in the homely looks and the large, rotund bodies?

Another big risk is nobody here knowing what I'm talking about. And if not, I'd like to hear from any Midwesterners here.

Alright: My state, Indiana, is full of Pentecostals (a Christian sect, where the women wear long hair and long skirts all the time.

It is a disgrace for a woman to shave her head or cut her hair.

Look at a picture of your favorite supermodel without makeup sometime--most of them are very ordinary, and some of them are flat-out homely.

And I know you didn't want the information, but I'll share with you anyway: the long hair is because of a bit of scripture that talks about a woman's hair being her crowning glory, and something I was never real clear on about cut hair being the sign of a harlot.

Almost all of them are big, built like barns, and extremely homely (and I don't just mean lack of makeup and jewelry-I mean flat out unattractive.) I know this is a generalization....but, errr, not really.

Anyone who sees these people on a regular basis as I do will know what I mean about the appearance.

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You don't notice the ordinary-looking Pentecostal women because they're, well, ordinary-looking and don't draw attention.

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