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What results is a realization that standards have been set too highly.Suddenly, that person who wasn't good enough is unavailable, and the game player is still alone.If they'd just found someone who was looking for the same thing as they were, they wouldn't be.At the other end of the spectrum are people who are afraid of commitment, even though they're ready to be in a relationship.Now of course thereare some great guys out there that are honestly looking for a nice date or relationship so any women reading this, just bear with us,we men are slowing catching up and figuring it out. Leif Croonquist is 34 years old and lives in Portland, Oregon. How does one know when a relationship is really a relationship?

This ruins the site for everyone and could very well get you banned from the datingsite forever.

They envision a perfect partner, and when nobody matches this image, they use that as an excuse for remaining single.

They aren't playing a game at all...they're just confused. It's designed to allure potential lovers, but in reality, it always fails.

The men think about what is under your clothes, how far can they get with you and it all goes right back to "Men are Hunters / Women are Nurturers".

We want to take care of them and they want to capture us.

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Here is a list of DO's and DON'TS to help keepthe women at these sites and to help you get some responses.1) DON'T copy and paste 25 exactly same emails and send them off. DO send individual emails and put some thought into contactingwomen on these dating sites.

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