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About an hour later, they were airborne and heading north to their next target area.

Four hours later, utterly exhausted, they were back in Japan, after up to ten hours of flight and combat.

B group ( similar to Pro 2 in FD ) and the Super group – combining all drivers together with international drivers as well.

If you want to create a new drift fan just sit them down and have them watch this battle.

The Chinese simply waited to spring the trap, then on November 25 the slaughter began.

Competition Name:FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup Date: 30 September – 1 October 2017 Place: Daiba, Tokyo Governing body: FIA Promotor: SUNPROS (D1 Grandprix Promotor) Formula Drift Round 4 took on the famous Wall Stadium went in the books last week.

Enjoy our great gallery from Andrew Jennings as Odi Bakchis took home an amazing victory in his Nissan 240sx.

But then suddenly the Chinese withdrew back across the Yalu on November 7.

By suddenly withdrawing, Mao guessed that Mac Arthur, assuming he had beaten the Chinese, would push his troops farther north. On 18 November B's from the 3d and d BGs flew from Japan to drop incendiaries on enemy troop barracks at Masan in far northeastern Korea.

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Landing a B at night at Taegu was no easy feat because the pierced-steel planking on the runway had begun to deteriorate.

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