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Thus, when you login as a Page, you cannot access any site content and you lose the main menu.This is absurd because you're then not able to use a variety of apps, either the core ones or the third-party apps.Many of us use phpfox as a dating site/ adult tube site.With that said it is time to get with the modern era and put monetization in more places on the website. So users will have to subscribe to search using certain filters I select.With Saved Items app, everything becomes much more convenient to users.People can save and organize what they love on your site from now.For a long time people have been reporting to me through Facebook, who are unable to register on my site https://

This is what the Feed Status Background app brings to your php Fox sites.

Reactions: gives users more options to show their emotions instead of just Like.

In particular, by using Reactions app, users now can conveniently show their feelings on user status, a comment or a user item (blog, event, etc.) with very-familiar Like or other reactions of Angry, Sad, Haha (Fun), Love, Wow (Surprised).

Hello everyone, I've created two user groups and want friend requests to be sent only across user groups but not within a user group.

For instance, users in User group A can only send and receive friend requests from users in user Group B but not others who are also in user group A. Is it possible to have the "saved items collections" appear public and private like all the other core apps, where the user can have the option to show their saved items on their profile and have the option to make it private?

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