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Thus, a sound basis for decision-making is created for the selection of suitable measures, which contribute to the optimization and increase in efficiency of the overall traffic system.AIT Austrian Institute of Technology Gmb HAustria - Vienna Hall 6.1, Booth 212 Contact: Volker Alberts Phone: 15 [email protected] Download (PDF) , Alstom reinvents the concept of concentrated traction for very high-speed, taking into account the latest operational needs and incorporating the most innovative solutions on the market.Airtec International Ltd United Kingdom - Glasgow Hall 25, Booth 117 Contact: Augusto Bissoli Phone: 591 [email protected] Download (PDF) IMPACT analyzes the effects of various measures in the transport sector on the mobility behaviour of humans, who usually act emotionally and not rationally.The willingness to change from the usual decision-making habits is examined on the basis of social milieus, using the newly developed SP-off-RP survey tool.A specific focus has put on reducing operating costs.

Exhibiting at Inno Trans will showcase the innovation and experience of Air Radiators to produce unique cooling packages which deliver reliability, durability and high performance in applications including locomotive, Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) and track maintenance equipment.

ACOREL SASFrance - Saint Péray Hall 2.1, Booth 107 Contact: Erika Cacciaguidi Phone: 33 4 75801063 [email protected] (PDF) Actyx provides fully managed solutions for repair & maintenance shop floors, but without the risk or complexity traditionally associated with IT-projects.

This enables companies to profit from digitization and increase their productivity, quality and flexibility.

The Abtus Max Cyclic Top Trolley to date is the only Network Rail approved device of its kind.

With a single track recording the Abtus Max enables track engineers to quickly identify, measure and repair Cyclic Top faults and trigger points; ensuring line speed is quickly re-established.

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Air Radiators Pty Ltd Australia - Lara Hall 20, Booth 113 Contact: Jove Manev Phone: 37 [email protected] (PDF) The Master 35® tool carrier is already used to allow Airtec´s Master 35® Petrol Driven Impact Wrench to be track mounted – easier for the operator and more efficient.

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