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There’s also a vibrant gay scene in Bangkok, and attitudes can be much more tolerant and accepting than most places.In terms of activities, dates themselves are fortunately quite similar to what you’ll be used to back home.I can say that I finally grasped the reasons that are responsible for making American dating culture so complex and so radically different from pretty much dating in any other country.And these reasons have less to do with American women specifically than with American culture as a whole.It’s certainly possible to go on dates and have a good time, but if you’re looking for something more permanent then the odds are against you.Likewise, when you get a know a fellow traveller or nomad it may seem like you’re destined to be together forever, but there comes a time when one of you will want to go home.

Many Thais would feel uncomfortable even hugging after a first date, so don’t go planning for that big night just yet.If you’re worried about what to talk about, then the uniquely decorated Iron Fairies bar will prove an interesting talking point, with a great food and drinks menu to boot.You could always go to the Sky Bar – located 64 stories up, it’s the tallest open air bar in the world and bound to wow the socks off any potential partner – providing they’re not scared of heights, of course…Bangkok is a crazy city and it can all get a bit too much for some people.While some aspects of dating might be different to where you’re from, the basics still remain the same.It’s more than possible to date successfully in Bangkok, so here’s how to turn the Land of Smiles into the Land of Soulmates.

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If you’re just passing through Thailand without staying for any real length of time, it’s not impossible to find a partner, but it’s certainly much harder.

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