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The hard drive becomes married to the PS3 after being formated which is why we have to do it twice.Doing this will fix MOST consoles experiencing this problem.The PS3 detects this and depending on how bad it is will boot with no video / audio or will give you a green, yellow, red light deal.If you're experience this problem I highly recommend you get your unit repaired through Sony and not trying to repair it yourself.Afterwards a firmware update is probably a good idea once you've given the PS3 a thorough testing.If keep getting a drive corrupted message or the PS3 keeps looping you into the same process there's a strong possibility your hard drive is failing.I won't even bother describing how you could even attempt to do it since the chances of you being successful without the proper equipment is almost zero. If you can't perform the System Restore and you know someone else with a PS3 the easiest way to fix the problem is to remove your hard drive from your system and place it into another PS3.

Depending on what you've read or watched don't waste money on a stupid cleaning kit. Just use care and clean it like the sensitive piece of electronics that it is. Once you've replaced the laser the PS3 will work just like before.You could always just slam the top cover over to the left too.The only thing holding it on is a tiny piece of plastic.The drives only last on average 1-3 years with average use, sometimes less.MAJORITY of you with this problem will unfortunately have to replace the blu-ray laser in order to get your machine back in working order. Lots of people think they're super sensitive, they're not.

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