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Eight of the mutineers decided to stay with Christian and continue the search for an uninhabited island, hidden from the outside world.During the night, Fletcher Christian learned of a plot to take Bounty from him and ordered the anchor cable to be cut without the guests on board knowing. Maude of the Australian National University, upon finding newspaper articles from the 1820’s containing interviews with Teehuteatuaonoa (consort of the mutineer Isaac Martin), came to the conclusion that Bounty was the first European vessel to sight Rarotonga.Having stumbled upon or recalled Carteret’s account, Christian sailed eastward in search of Pitcairn Island.

The carved pictures in the cliff faces can still be seen at such sites as Down the Gods and Down Rope.While Bounty was anchored in what is now known as Bounty Bay, livestock and goods were shipped ashore.Then, fearing that if any European vessel sighted the ship, retribution would inevitably follow, the mutineers ran Bounty ashore and, on 23 January 1790, the ship burned and sank.Today there are still remains of the earth fortress they built over two centuries ago.In September 1789, 16 of the crew voted to remain in Tahiti.

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