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Either they were copies of each other (same background, same look, same personality, even down to driving the same car), or they were literally the same man (different dating site/same man. ) She was frustrated and wanted to break this cycle. I also think it helps if you go in with the attitude that you are just fishing for fun, not with expectations that you are going to catch the biggest fish ever and win the whole fishing tournament. I suggested to her that if she is always fishing in the same pond, she will always be catching the same fish. After a while, your regular routine just doesn’t cut it anymore. I immediately loved the cute, adorable characters and my son loved the stories.

They kind of reminded me of large kelp but I wanted to maintain a blue scheme that mimicked more of an ocean.

I made Kwazii’s telescope out of some mail tubes and gold duct tape.

Another inexpensive party favor that is great are the bubble wands, or bubble swords as we called them.

In the book, there are some imagery of these light pink jellyfish and I wanted to incorporate that into the decor.

After researching a few DIY jellyfish projects, I ended up using the one from Party City//tutorial here.

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