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Over 50% of Grindr users reported having experienced harassment on the app, as did 40% of Ok Cupid users.

Sitting on our dorm room floor, my roommate and I sped through profile after profile, quickly analyzing each user as one would apples in a grocery store.

ABODO said: “Like many new technologies, dating apps provoke quite a bit of hand-wringing about contemporary life.

“They seem to reflect all of our deepest insecurities about ourselves: Are we too dependent on constant validation?

Especially at large schools, it’s hard to get to know people in college.

Deciding whether to sit next to someone in your econ lecture or whether to talk to a stranger by the cooler at a party also involves superficial judgement, and often with even fewer data points than one would have on Tinder.

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However, only 4% of surveyed students said they prefer to meet potential dates online – 79% said they would still opt for meeting a partner through mutual connections or interests and 16.6% were found to prefer meeting someone “purely by chance”.

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