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The only difference now is that the power role has other defining factors besides sex and survival instinct.

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Who controls the relationship or who “wears the pants”.

The techniques Pellicer teaches around dating, women, relationships, seduction, and the rest are all available on live videos; you can join in webinars; you can talk to all th eother men learning how to be Badasses – thousands of them – in the community forum. You can hear that in the way they speak about “getting laid”, “falling in love”, “chancing it” and so on. Well, the great news is that Tao Of Badass will give you COMPLETE power and choice over what happens to you in your relationships. In fact, most men rely on luck, on chance, or “whatever” in this area.Like love and sex somehow just “happens” to them, and they sound like they can’t influence things. You and I have no interest in being that kind of man. You and I can be the kind of man who goes out and creates the world we want.That’s what a Badass really is: a creator of his own good fortune, his own life. Even though I want to be in charge of my life, I want my life to be easy.

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To give you an example of this, I looked at London, and there were almost 2500 men to choose from: that’s 2500 potential buddies, 2500 potential supporters, 2500 potential mentors, 2500 potential friends.

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