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We've come a long way from the days when people were so worried they might catch HIV that they avoided people with it altogether.

Still, some people may not be sure exactly what's safe and what's not.

Three small studies found no motile sperm (sperm capable of reaching/fertilizing an egg) in the fluid in a man’s penis before he ejaculates.

However, a more recent study found that 41% of subjects produced pre-ejaculatory samples that contained spermatozoa and in 37% a reasonable proportion of the sperm were motile.

Needles: Blood to blood transmission most commonly occurs when a needle is shared between injecting drug users, where one user is HIV positive.

In New Zealand, due to the work of Needle Exchanges across the country, this is no longer a regular occurrence and the risk factor for intravenous drug users has been largely reduced.

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Passing HIV through eating has happened only in rare cases, when children ate food that was already chewed by someone with the virus.if a bite or scratch breaks your skin, but (yes, again) it's extremely rare. Getting spit on is unpleasant and messy, but not a danger as far as catching HIV.It’s probably very unlikely that you will get pregnant, but you can’t know for certain.It's true that HIV is a virus, like a cold or the flu -- but it doesn't spread the same way. But if you kiss someone who's infected and has bleeding gums or sores, you could get the virus if you also have cuts or sores around or in your mouth -- because of the blood-to-blood contact. A woman can get HIV through the tissue that lines her vagina and cervix.In fact, it's a lot harder to give it to someone else. The virus can get into a man through the opening of his penis or through a small cut or sore on it.

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