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European populations of many ground-nesting farmland birds have declined in recent decades.Increases in predator populations and nest predation may play an important role in this decline, along with habitat loss.All areas consisted of fragmented agricultural landscapes.One main criterion for choosing an area was that it had to have open field patches at least 500 m in width, allowing us to place a camera 250 m from the forest if necessary.

These measures were quite limiting, and in our study landscapes, using greater distances would have excluded many of the study areas, as we wanted to have a continuous zone from the forest out to the fields.

Our study highlights the efficiency of using wildlife camera traps in nest predation studies.

We also suggest that the ongoing expansion of alien predators across Europe may have a greater impact on ground-nesting bird populations than previously anticipated.), habitat deterioration can emphasize the effect of nest predation on breeding success in several ways: (1) habitat change may cause an increase in predator numbers; (2) increased nest densities, e.g., owing to a loss of suitable nest-site habitat, can result in higher predation rates; (3) habitat change may force birds to nest in more unsafe habitat types; (4) a reduction in the availability of alternative food sources may cause generalist predators to change their diets; and (5) habitat changes can lead to shortened breeding seasons and thus to less renesting opportunities, thereby increasing the sensitivity of breeding success to nest predation rates.

Our analysis indicates that avian predators preyed upon nests in open fields further away from the forest edge, whereas mammalian predation concentrated closer to the forest edge.

Predation occurred more likely at the beginning of the survey and nest survival increased as days passed.

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