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The dating scan will establish how far along you are and give you an estimated due date.It will check whether you’re expecting one baby or more and that your baby is developing as it should be at this stage.The probe sends out ultrasound waves – sound waves with a frequency higher than the human ear is able to hear – to produce images of your baby, which the sonographer studies on a screen.Ultrasound scans in pregnancy have several purposes: Ultrasound scans have been used for many years, and there are no known risks to you or your baby from having the routine scans offered in pregnancy.You should also be offered an antenatal screening test for Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities at this stage.This is called the combined test, because it involves a blood test as well as the scan, and can be carried out between 10 and 14 weeks.

As well as the routine NHS scans, there are several different types of private scan that you might consider.

Between 6 and 10 weeks you can have a scan to see whether your pregnancy is developing normally.

You’ll see a beating heart, and if you have the scan towards then 10 week mark you can also see the head and the where your baby’s little limbs are forming.

Sonographers can usually tell you the sex of your baby at your NHS anomaly scan at around 20 weeks.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to tell the sex at that scan as your baby might be in a position that makes it difficult for the sonographer to see, in which case you may want to have a private scan to check the sex later on.

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If you’re really keen to know the sex of your baby as early as possible, you can have a private gender scan from as early as 16 weeks.

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