Programmatically invalidating cached pages

In this article, however, we’ll bypass looking at performance tuning and optimization, and look instead at the idea of caching – or the notion that the fastest, most scalable, and best utilization of SQL Server CPU is the query that you never run.

The second key to optimizing cache invalidation is to stop using ‘simple’ string keys as lookups for cached items – as is the case with so many caching frameworks.

But, while Windows Server 2012 R2 supports up to 4TB of RAM, SQL Server Standard Edition 20 artificially constrain RAM to 64GB and 128GB per instance.

Consequently, if your workloads require more RAM, SQL Server Enterprise Edition becomes the logical choice.

That might sound trite, but it's at the heart of caching - which is key to helping organizations save significant money on SQL Server licensing costs while simultaneously enabling better application performance and increased scalability. Early on as a consultant, I spent a lot of time helping developers, DBAs, and organizations become more familiar with the new features and benefits of SQL Server 2005 and then SQL Server 2008.

I still do that with SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014, but there’s no doubt that the number of features and improvements (especially for developers) have tapered off with recent releases, while conversations about newer versions of SQL Server today invariably seem to center on discussions about minimizing SQL Server Licensing costs.

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