Qualities of a good dating relationship

“There are many ways to show affection, and you should pay extra attention to figure out which ones your partner seems to respond to most.” Empathy No relationship is perfect, but a happy long-term pairing means both people are willing to do what it takes to keep things on track.

Which explains how the trait of empathy is the second characteristic required to see your relationship through its rough days.

Some relationships are strong enough to last a lifetime, and it's not attributed to luck or chance.

It's thanks to continuous efforts from both parties and a desire to be together.

The latter characteristics serve to meet your intrinsic goals, which are about "satisfying your own basic psychological needs," while the former serve to meet your extrinsic goals, which are those that are "dependent on how people react to you." Apparently, having your intrinsic goals met is more important to overall relationship health than is having your extrinsic goals met, and even if your partner is wealthy and handsome (think Jon Hamm), you will be unhappy if he or she does not take care of your psychological needs.?

Research outlined here suggests that though we tend to value things like status and appearance when evaluating partners, those things have much less to do with relationship satisfaction than do things such as warmth, loyalty and kindness.

What does matter is how your partner handles their emotions and whether or not that method is similar to your own.

Here, the seven most important qualities your mate should possess if you want it to last forever—or at least a few years past the honeymoon.

Sure, your partner or potential partner may be shorter or less wealthy than you'd like (or whatever else you may perceive as a shortcoming).

There are certain qualities that should never be missing from a loving partnership, and once they are, it's only a matter of time until things start to fall apart.

There is no single secret to making a relationship last because it involves so many other aspects that depend on one another.

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