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The short answer is yes, of course you can improve your communication skills.

Improving or changing anything in your life takes some work and effort but, it can be done.

You are even being an effective communicator when you show up to pick your daughter up from the mall when you say you will.

You are communicating to her that she can rely on you.

Effective communicators don’t react to situations with high emotion.

It means not having to say something all the time in every situation.

It’s the ability to have your body language say the right thing so the person you’re speaking to knows your listening.You have to keep in mind your starting point and your goal.Before we get too deep into how to be a master communicator, let’s take a look at your communication skills and find out your starting point right now.When you are looking at the floor or out the window it gives the impression that you aren’t paying attention.Take a look at this advice on how to make engaging eye contact.

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Effective communication is defined as verbal speech or other communication methods to get your point across. It’s the ability to say something at the right time; to be able to get multiple people on the same page in a group decision.

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