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more He should not believe her lies plus you need to always assume Ms. Also, your free Dating Women Podcast is on episode #196 and you'll learn that if you want to keep a great girl you need to get out of... more He needs to really not accept the scraps from her.more No, he should not feel guilty over breaking up with a woman that is ? Plus, why giving yourself credit is so important in your quest for Ms. Also, your free Dating Women Podcast is on episode #194 and you'll find out how to find a great girl....She was on my dick back then.” Yee on the other hand outrightly denied saying that no such incident ever occurred, but Gucci kept pushing, telling Yee; “You used to be texting me ‘What hotel you was at?’ and stuff like that,” however, Yee replied saying “You must got me confused with someone else. I wouldn’t do that.”Charlamagne wasn’t backing his co-host as he told Yee; “I ain’t never known Gucci to be a liar.”As of this writing, Angela Yee is an unmarried woman, and it isn’t clear whether or not she is in a relationship.

Her management skills earned acclaim when she managed the career of Australian hip hop recording artist Matthew James Colwell, better known by his stage name 360.

The show features candid thoughts from Angela as she drills celebrities.

On TV, Angela has served as a correspondent for MTV2’s Sucker Free.

During Gucci Mane’s visit to the Breakfast club in 2016, the rapper hinted that Angela had flirted with him in the past.

When the other hosts of the radio show, Charlamgne, and DJ Envy asked Gucci if he ever slept with Angela, he said; “She done tried.

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She held the role for just 6 months from July 2008 to December 2008.

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