Radiocarbon dating bp

The dates quoted are uncalibrated radiocarbon years BP.

Calibrated radiocarbon dates are presented using the 2-sigma values which account for 95.4% of the probability of the date falling within that particular range.

New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, Vol.

IAEAC1 to IAEAC9 reference sheet issue date: 30 March 2007.

MC) and tend to vary inversely as 13C/12C change in lipids. It is currently accepted by radiocarbon dating to 95, 000 years ago, speed dating, linux.

Various software for calibrating radiocarbon dates is available via the internet including: BCal - an on-line Bayesian radiocarbon calibration tool - from Dr.

Caitlin Buck, Department of Probability and Statistics, University of Sheffield, U. - excellent website maintained by Utz Böhner, Daniel Schyle and Steffen Steiner in Germany.

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that reported a pm C of 4.6 for an age of 24,600 years for a mosasaur (a marine.

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