Radiocarbon dating recent applications and future potential

Carbon was extracted from pellets collected at 43 locations in the western Great Basin, USA, including three known occupied sites and 40 sites of uncertain status at range margins or where previous studies indicated the species is vulnerable.

We resolved calibrated dates with high precision (within several years), most of which fell in the period of the mid-late 20th century bomb curve.

The approach relies on a conserved record of the rapid increase in radiocarbon (C) that occurred in the oceans of the world as a result of atmospheric testing of thermonuclear devices in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The figure shown here from Hua and Barbetti (2004) provides a comprehensive view of the rise in C in the mixed layer of mid-latitude oceans.

) has become a species of concern for its sensitivity to warm temperatures and potential vulnerability to global warming.

Using this model to inform future dynamics for small ranges in biogeographic settings similar to the Bodie Mountains in California, extirpation of pikas appears highly likely under directional warming trends projected for the next century, even while populations in extensive cordillera (e.g., Sierra Nevada, Rocky Mountains, Cascade Range) are likely to remain viable due to extensive, diverse habitat and high connectivity.Electronic versions of publications may be downloaded, printed, and distributed.Bomb radiocarbon dating is a technique that has evolved as a unique application in the age validation of marine fishes and invertebrates.tiger shark and dogfish), and is also being used for other marine organisms (e.g.calcareous marine alga, deep-sea coral, whale teeth, and mollusks).

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In many cases the applications are complicated by incomplete information that leads necessarily to assumptions for conclusions to be drawn; however, the method is a work in progress and some of the work presented here works to address some of the potential pitfalls.

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