Rain dating jeon ji hyun

In addition, the reporter states that Rain has been spotted visiting Jeon Ji Hyun's apartment late at night often for about a year, the most recent being just before he flew to America for the MTV Movie Awards.

Furthermore, on June 9th's episode of MBC Golden Fishery's Radio Star, the guest star was none other than Rain.

Hyun Bin’s agency stated on the morning of August 5, “Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin were good friends and became lovers two months ago.” Song Hye Kyo’s agency also confirmed the news.

Sources said the two usually go on dates at cafes in Chungdam-dong or Apgujeong-dong, in a car, or with a group of friends.

Has anyone heard the rumours about Rain having dated Jihyun Jeon since October 2009?

In addition, his associates have confirmed his plans to sue Daily Sports Seoul, the newspaper which released paparazzi photos of him and Jeon Ji Hyun standing outside her apartment complex.

He could have said this to divert the media/fans’ attention from his possible relationship with Jihyun, but I thought I’d mention it.

My opinion on her is she is a cutie and a bit quirky, so I could see why he would like her.

When asked about his ideal woman in a recent interview, Hyun Bin answered that she should have good sense (in knowing how to act in different situations) and be feminine yet eat well.

One can assume that Song Hye Kyo fits this description?

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