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Clearly this is a band at the apex of its power." and UK periodical, The Times said that she "reduced the art of drumming to its primary components, bashing the snare and cymbal together on alternating beats with the bass drum in a way that recalled Moe Tucker of the Velvet Underground." Though Jack usually sang lead vocals, Meg occasionally sang as well, the first time being backup on the record "Your Southern Can is Mine" from De Stijl.She sang lead on four Stripes' songs: "In the Cold, Cold Night", from the album Elephant, "Passive Manipulation" from Get Behind Me Satan, "Who's a Big Baby", the B-side to "Blue Orchid," and "St.Along with his band members, La Montagne is also joined by singer/songwriter Leona Naess on A Falling Through and I Still Care for You.As commented on La Montagne's website, the new album "proves to be his most creative and emotionally expansive collection to date." The album hit #1 in album sales on i Tunes on its release day.He said, "I just came from a Raconteurs tour and went right into that, so I was already full-speed.Meg had come from a dead-halt for a year and went right back into that madness.

In 2009, she married guitarist Jackson Smith, son of musicians Patti Smith and Fred "Sonic" Smith. While on tour in support for The White Stripes' sixth studio album, Icky Thump, White suffered a bout of acute anxiety, and the remaining dates of the tour were cancelled.

Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)" from Icky Thump.

She also sang the popular Christmas song "Silent Night" on the single Candy Cane Children.

The White Stripes guest starred on The Simpsons in an episode titled "Jazzy and the Pussycats", which first aired on September 17, 2006.

On the Icky Thump tour, the bass drum head design was switched to a button.

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