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Whereas with the vast majority of online businesses, you can run them from everywhere and there's typically a host of experienced staff, operators, providers and agencies you can hire globally to help manage the business. Take the previous example of the laundromat and let's say you want to build a laundromat empire.You go and buy that one in Omaha and then ideally you would want to find another several in the same city to truly get the benefits of scale, but this might not be possible.Spencer: For sure, I mean if you want to buy a business, finding the ideal match and then being able to ask the right questions and gather the right information on it before you drop a lot of cash is obviously incredibly important. As you can imagine, that could have potentially taken years.Instead, we created and used a repertoire of robust systems and tools to automate the process of reaching to thousands of businesses, follow up with them, get on calls and essentially find an interested seller and a great business that fit our target mandate.What’s far easier is buying online businesses and being able to relocate them anywhere and work on them from anywhere.With online businesses you can also scale globally and tap into other markets with more ease.And that was the first real learning experience; figuring out exactly where our sweet spot was.The other major thing we learned is how important deal sourcing and due diligence is…how important it is to get right and create this bullet proof process for finding and analyzing a business you want to buy.

My MO recently has been to bring down small groups of aspiring entrepreneurs to this small town in Mexico I live in, train them on how to operate online businesses and give them the opportunity to keep them on as managing directors of those businesses.

Instead, you could end up owning separate laundromats in different states hundreds of miles apart.

It’s of course possible to build a business like this, but it would be difficult.

This is basically what we did with Wired Investors.

We wanted to get a large gamut of experience in the space and then learn from those mistakes and figure out what our strengths were. We bought a lot of media publisher businesses, we bought Saa S businesses, we bought productized services, we bought service-based businesses…you name it.

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Then, once you find a business you like and seller that’s willing to sell for the right price, your next goal is to do your diligence and get an LOI in place.

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