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Where our opinions differ, we learn from each other.Being challenged in a relationship doesn’t mean debates and arguing, although if that’s your vibe, more power to you.When we’re well-matched physically, intellectually, emotionally, and/or spiritually, we find that our relationships strengthen us.Having conversations that challenge our pre-conceived ideas or give us a new perspective can help us develop as human beings.In a healthy relationship, our lives are enhanced, not completed.A healthy relationship often includes an element of challenge.There’s a beautiful balance in challenging one another to be who we are.We’re capable of that level of authenticity because of this next sign. When I say “safe”, I don’t mean it in a financial sense. I also don’t mean that they are the kind of person we settle for because we can trust them not to leave.

It feels like we’ve been training our whole life for the heartbreak, but nothing has prepared us for finding healthy love and partnership.When we’re loved and cared for unconditionally, we can share any secret, speak any truth, and even bring out our shadow selves without feeling like we’ll be belittled, shamed, or loved less.The flip side is that this sense of safety also brings out our highest selves.With these relationships, we’re not looking to identify the signs so that we can cut and run. It’s not a mean kind of laughter where someone is poking fun of our insecurities.We identify them in order to appreciate what we have and learn to nurture and cherish it. I’ve had so many relationships where there was so little laughter. It’s the kind where we have such joy being together that laughter flows freely. That’s right: In a healthy relationship, we choose to be together, but that choice isn’t based on , I’m looking at you.

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Those who capture it successfully may avoid future heartache.

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