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I'm fairly assertive, so when I decided this guy was pretty cute and really funny I approached him, asked for his phone number and we've been married now for eight years.

I was his first ever girlfriend and he, too, was 19.

And the way it seems is that women won't want to be too friendly with a guy because they don't want to give off any impressions Girl here: I approached my now fiance.

I knew he was shy and I'm quite the opposite, but I knew what I wanted and went for it (of course, he was so quiet I also thought he might have been a serial killer). I agree with Bacon Blossom, there is hope for the shy and socially awkward.

Remember, people who don't already know you have no idea that you're shy, and plenty of girls are attracted to the quiet, mysterious types.27yo ridiculously outgoing female here and there is no need to change or think so negatively. I had to learn and accept a lot about myself before I was able to find a really great match in a partner. When I'm saying shy I have to say that I'm only shy to girls though.

I cant speak for all women, just myself, but I've found a wonderfully introverted man who balances me out. I can communicate with other people, and I have many friends.

First, your own confidence will rise the further you're able to take a conversation with a woman, which pays major dividends in and of itself.

She later got my number from my friend and texted me.Since that time his self esteem has skyrocketed due in no small part to having someone who wants him, loves him, and believes in him.There's an assertive girl out there for you, just be yourself and she'll come to you.Learn to love your shyness and women will learn to love you :)I'm in a similar situation except for I'm aware of the fact that if I stay home crying about being single, nothing will change. But most girls I talk to, are mostly the girlfriends of my friends.My best advice to myself would be go out and meet people :). I can talk to girls, but I need to 'know' them first. Something in my brain just 'freezes' at that moment.

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So what chance will the shy guy have in life if he cannot change himself?

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