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One of the most famous collections of erotic art from Roman culture is the artwork featured in the secret cabinet ().

For the Romans, sex was a part of their everyday lives, state affairs, religious rites, myths, even warfare, and featured prominently in their art.Im happy to say that Ive been blackmailing my friends wife for oral sex over the last 2 years, over stuff that I found out about her back when they were first going out.These were thingss of a sexual nature, that if found out about, would have caused alott of problems for her in the relationship, and she electd not to tell him.The following images are a few select examples displaying how sex was portrayed in Mesopotamian art. The precise idea behind producing these erotic scenes is unknown but there may well have been a religious purpose. Istanbul Archeaological Museums/ Ancient Orient Museum, Istanbul, Turkey. It depicts a male and female having sex in a missionary position.This round pottery plaque depicts various human daily activities. Such scenes were mass-produced in southern Mesopotamia during the old Babylonian era.

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