Restore backup on iphone without updating

Many people complain that the i Phone battery drains very fast than expected after the updating.

The device gets hotter than before in a short time.

In this article, we will sincerely help you to solve such problem and bring a restored i Phone with its original operating system.

When you choose to restore your i Phone, please read the following carefully: • Unexpected errors When you restore the i Phone using i Tunes, some unexpected errors may occur.

If you unfortunately lose everything after upgrading to new i OS and have no backup from i Cloud or i Tunes, this smart software can help you recover data after the i Phone update.

With the excellent i OS data recovery too, you are able to easily extract data from i Phone backup.

The latest i OS 12 concentrates on stability improvement and bug fixing and seems more secure than i OS 8 and earlier versions.

However, upgrading to the latest i OS has its disadvantages.

• Right backup file selection for i Phone restoration If you choose i Pad backup to restore i Phone, some i Pad-only applications and settings will not apply to your i Phone.

How to restore your i Phone without updating to the latest i OS? However, if you choose to do that, you may need to make a backup of your i Phone.

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