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Where Richardson sees sex robots as part of a wider commodification of sex, Girl on the Net rejects the conflation.

Sex workers should always have the ability to consent and choose clients, something robots lack.

”This desire to attach human attributes to robots has been demonstrated in previous studies.

Stanford University researchers found that participants recorded stimulation when asked to touch the areas of a robot that would be considered intimate on humans.“The genuine desires that people have for connection are being warped by how we’re starting to think about sex today as a commodity,” Richardson said.

Girl on the Net responded by questioning the concept of virginity — drawing an arbitrary line around a very specific form of sex and referring to it as “losing virginity” is exclusionary, she argued, as it usually fails to account for experiences such as gay and trans sex. Simply put, it’s a robot designed for humans to have sex with.

These are big questions, and they’ve sparked an intense battle between pro- and anti-sex robot campaigners.

One group, the Campaign Against Sex Robots, is looking to educate the public on why robo-sex might not be such a great idea.

“When you dig a little bit deeper, it sounds like a lot of what the campaign believes is that any sex which is not loving…it’s not a religious argument, but it’s that kind of conservative, sex should be between two people who love each other very much, type of thing,” said Girl on the Net.

As time goes on, it becomes clearer that there’s a wider schism between the two arguments.

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