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People mostly assume these two disorders to be synonymous. ADHD is a neuro- developmental disorder characterized by They are not warmly welcomed at any parties, people resist their own children from getting closer to child with ADHD, fearing they might inflict damage and pain.

These might strike as humiliation to the parents of children with ADHD .

I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying, as there was a lot happening around us at the Starbucks.

Well, right after he finished explaining all that, I asked him what his major was. Consider: Traditional gender roles cast women as the nurturers, but ADHD often results in a lack of attentiveness.

Confession time: I haven’t exactly had what you would call an active dating life.

In fact, I’ve only had two bona fide relationships in my life.

Behaviour therapy is effective for children with ADHD.

I never tell men I’m funny; they just laugh at my jokes. I don’t want attention deficit to outweigh or outrank the other parts of me.

The right guy will realize my ADHD is a permanent and influential presence in my life, impacting everything I say and do.

But he will also be able to wrap his mind around the fact that as inexorable as ADHD is for me, it’s nonetheless separate from the person I am deep down inside.

With me, it takes the form of (a) saying stupid things for no apparent reason and (b) being seemingly unable to comprehend even the simplest things my partner was saying — on a regular basis.

The only ADHD problem I can think of is the need to really focus on what my date is saying.

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You might not know that these are the signs and symptoms of early developmental disorders.

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